KisoJi Biotechnology Snapshot

KisoJi is a leading next-generation antibody company discovering and developing highly differentiated antibody therapeutics to address difficult targets in oncology and other diseases. Our antibody platform enables the visualization of the complete immune response of an animal, allowing unprecedented direct control over antibody sampling for therapeutic, diagnostic, and vaccine development. The platform is built upon single domain antibodies from KisoJi’s proprietary multi-species single domain antibody transgenic mice, an AI-enabled antibody fingerprinting technology and the ability to create robust, easily manufacturable multi-specific antibodies.

Experienced and successful team of antibody scientists with deep expertise in antibody development and a demonstrated track record of innovation.

Lead program: a novel TROP2 antibody with robust therapeutic activity without the need for a drug conjugate.

Pipeline of novel multi-specific antibodies with multiple mechanisms of action

Proprietary antibody discovery platform to create the next generation of antibody drugs.