About Us

KisoJi is an antibody company that is revolutionizing the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics. Unlike conventional industry approaches, we are able to identify and visualize the full spectrum of antibody diversity, identify clusters with desired properties and optimize the selection of lead candidates. Our antibody platform includes multi-species single domain antibody transgenic mice, AI-enabled antibody fingerprinting for the best fit with specific epitopes on any target, and a toolkit to create robust, easily manufacturable multi-specific antibodies.

From this platform, the Company has developed a preclinical pipeline that includes multi-specific immune-oncology antibodies for both solid and hematologic cancers. Our lead antibody, KJ-103, is a first-in-class ‘naked’ anti-TROP2 antibody (lacking a conjugated toxic payload, unlike Antibody Drug Conjugates, ADCs) which combines a high level of potency and specificity without the substantial toxicities and resistance seen with ADCs. KJ-103 is currently in IND-enabling studies.